Compliment Slips finished size 210mm x 99mm, with bleed 216mm x 105mm
  • Printed full colour CMYK
  • Uncoated paper
  • No laminate
  • Digitally or Litho printed
  • Printed single side or double sided
  • Design service available
  • Upload your artwork
  • Artwork should be supplied High resolution 300dpi
  • Bleed 3mm all round, File format PDF or JPEG CMYK format
  • RGB and PANTONE colours will be converted
  • Safe zone 3mm Fonts should be outlined or embedded
  • Download Template

Artwork Options

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Compliment slips are a great way of marketing your business, as well as showing you care.

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to market your business and show your customers how much you care? Look no further than our high-quality compliment slips. With personalized messages and your contact information, these slips serve as a key element of your stationery while also making your customers feel valued and recognized. And thanks to our full-color CMYK printing, your slips are sure to stand out and grab the attention of anyone who receives them. But we don’t just prioritize quality and design. We also understand the importance of precision, which is why we require a 3mm bleed on all uploaded files. This ensures that your final product looks exactly how you envisioned it, without any unwanted white space. So if you want to take your business’s marketing and customer care to the next level, order our compliment slips today and see the results for yourself.

Bleed what is it.

If the term “bleed” is new to you, have no fear – it’s just an extension of 3mm or 2mm on all edges of your artwork to ensure that text, color, or images extend all the way to the page’s edge. To prevent any loss of data during trimming after printing, always keep text and images within the safe zone. By extending the page by 3mm on each edge, you can easily create a bleed.

Additional information

Paper weight

90gsm, 120gsm, 160gsm

Finished Size

210mm x 99mm

Paper Type

Uncoated paper


Single side, Double sided


100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 30000, 35000, 40000, 45000, 50000

Artwork Guide

Artwork Guide Artwork should be provided in the following format. The prefered artwork for printing should be provided in high resolution PDF file format, we also accept a variety of different file uploads, JPEG, EPS, TIFF and PS. SUPPLYING ARTWORK You can upload your artwork in the checkout. You can also email us your artwork with your details and order number, for large files or if you prefer you may also send us your artwork files using we transfer. FILE UPLOAD A minimum of 300 DPI at 1:1 ratio (or 100%). Content that does not meet this standard may experience print or images that are fuzzy, pixilated or otherwise distorted for which UK Biz printing does not accept any responsibility. We reserve the right to reject content that does not meet this standard, but we do not assume any obligation to verify that the content meets this criterion. Artwork files should be provided in CMYK colour and uploaded in CMYK with no embedded color profile. Files uploaded in RGB or some other standard, will be converted to CMYK and we will not be responsible for any inaccuracy or color shift that occurs as a result of the conversion. PDF Software There are plenty of websites that you can download free PDF file software, one of the most popular is Adobe Acrobat this usually comes standard with a new printer for your home use. You can also visit the website and download free Adobe software by clicking this URL http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat. Download the software on to your desktop this allowing you to create PDF files from you artwork applications on your PC. BLEED Please provide artwork with bleed all round of 2mm or 3mm (millimeters) this will allow for any slight discrepancies when cutting the final print job. Please ensure any text or images are placed at least 3mm in from the safe zone 6mm with bleed to prevent any wording being cut. Failure to do this will result in some text or images being cut and we will not be responsible for any mishaps. Colours C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow and B = Black the colours used in the printing process. What is RGB = Red, Green and Blue the colours used to display your images artwork on screen. It is not always possible to get an exact match with RGB TO CMYK so we will convert any RBG to CMYK, the colours might not be what you are expecting for you file this is why we always send proof before any print job is done. What Is Bleed Bleed is the printing that goes over the edge of the image and background for best results extend image by 2 to 3 mm beyond the page this will create the bleed that is then cut into. Make sure your text and images that you want to keep on your documents images should be at least 6mm inside the document from the edge. ARTWORK PROOF Files upload will have a free check you will receive an e-mail informing you about the quality of your artwork. If your artwork is perfect, printing can soon be started. If we find any errors, however, which may have a negative effect on the print result, you will have the following three options to choose from: (1). Send us new corrected artwork (2). Ask us to edit your artwork their is a fee for this service so charges apply, (3). Approval for printing; this means you will have your artwork printed without further editing (4). Change your order.


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