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Digitally Printed Posters
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Digital Poster Printing

Our posters are printed on either A3 or A4 posters size. If you require larger sizes like A2 or A1 posters or higher quantities please check out our litho range. We also print single posters please ask for smaller orders.

 Just Print Option Terms & Conditions
Please make sure your files are sent PDF/x-1a format.
Your print job will go through our automated system and we will only reject the file if we are unable to print your file. We will not carry out any of our preflight and quality checks on your document as these will already have been carried out by yourself prior to submitting the file.

Upload your design option after payment or email it to us.


Your images should be at least 300dpi high-res dot per inch for best results the lower the dpi the worse the image will look when printed. Most images and logos found on the Internet are 72 to 96dpi so make sure when you are sourcing images for your print jobs.





Before you upload your file, please be sure your files are saved as a high-resolution PDF file, which means it should be exported using the OPTIMIZED FOR PRESS from Adobe Acrobat® or use PDFX1A settings.  If your artist has used transparency layers, you can overcome some problems by converting all elements to CMYK and removing all RGB and Spot Color elements and information from your file and then flattening all transparency layers. These pre-flights are available through Acrobat Professional®. Be sure to give your file a final look before uploading. Once they file is uploaded, they are quickly processed.



Digitally Printed Posters
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